Mgmt Recruitment Training


Management Training Program

   Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® understands the value and benefits of thoroughly training our restaurant and retail management teams. That is why we have invested and will continue to invest millions of dollars in developing training programs that have gained us recognition by the National Restaurant Association as a progressive leader in the industry.

    Our goal is to help our Restaurant and Retail Managers become the best in the industry. We expect all Managers in Transition (MITs) to have determination, drive and enthusiasm. In turn, we provide them with solid training and the tools to succeed as a Cracker Barrel management team member.

   Based on your experience and background, your Field Management Recruiter and our Training Department will determine the training program that is best suited for you. All MITs train at our Home Office in Lebanon, Tennessee, and spend valuable on-the-job training time in our Cracker Barrel stores. Our goal is to fully equip our Managers with the tools they need to succeed, so that they may be fully prepared to take an “ownership” attitude when they reach their assigned stores. You will learn more about our training programs and our training pay structure as you progress through our selection process.

    While in training, our MITs put their management experience and skills to the test and also learn how we run our business . . . “the Cracker Barrel way.” No Manager graduates from any of our training programs without learning the “people pleasing” values that are the foundation of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store®.

    Throughout the training process, MITs are continually evaluated on their progress, their understanding of our procedures, and their skill development. Each phase of the training process provides opportunities to build an essential base of Cracker Barrel knowledge that prepares our MITs for success.


   Continuing Education

    Our Management Development Department is committed to helping Managers improve their skills so that they can grow in their careers with Cracker Barrel. Typical programs involve motivational management, time management, and employee relations training. A formal program is designed to guide Restaurant Associate Managers to the Senior Associate Manager (SAM) position . . . a title designating the individual’s readiness for eventual promotion to unit General Manager.

   Our Lending Library, located at the Home Office, provides our Managers with material for continuing self-development. Video and audiotapes, CD-ROMs, and books are available to loan on an assortment of personal and professional developmental topics. Our Intern Program allows qualified hourly Cracker Barrel employees an opportunity to pursue a restaurant management career.

    The Personal Achievement Responsibility (PAR) program encourages hourly employees to improve their skills.

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