Mgmt Recruitment Essentials


Essential Functions of Retail Management Position

    Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® attempts to hire the most qualified candidates. We attempt to identify those individuals that have the experiences and the personal attributes that should lead to each person’s success and satisfaction in obtaining and continuing employment with the Company.

    Likewise, each person’s abilities and performance should help insure long and continued success for the Company. Therefore, it is necessary that you be able to meet or exceed each of the conditions and standards listed below, with or without reasonable accommodation.

    The following is a list of what Cracker Barrel considers the essential functions for the Retail Manager. While this list is not an all-inclusive job description, it is important that you read and have a clear understanding of these duties, functions and/or characteristics that are considered fundamental to the Retail Manager position. If there is a function listed for which you may need a reasonable accommodation, notify your supervisor, training supervisor, or recruiter.

    The Company, for accuracy, will periodically review this list. Cracker Barrel reserves the right to change, add to, or delete items from the list. Cracker Barrel complies fully with the Americans with Disabilities Act and does not allow disability or the need for reasonable accommodation to affect the terms or conditions of employment.




1. Be prepared to perform all of the essential functions for each of the Retail Personnel and Cashier positions.

2. Display an effective, professional management presence under stress.

3. Be available to work scheduled hours which may include erratic schedules and long hour shifts.

4. Reach and maintain high levels of physical and mental endurance, such as would be involved in a new store opening.

5. Maintain a neat appearance, following Cracker Barrel’s dress code, including proper personal and dental hygiene.

6. Be able to unload, move, carry, pull, push, lift and stack merchandise, furniture, and/or stock in weights up to 50 pounds. This may involve the
    movement and carrying of awkward and shifting weights, at shoulder-height levels. It may be necessary for this activity to be performed on a
    daily basis.

7. Be capable of reaching and lifting a maximum of 25 pounds overhead for purposes of placing stock on stockroom shelves or on the retail
    sales floor.

8. Move and climb a 2-step stepladder/stool and a 6-foot stepladder for purposes of cleaning, stock work, and Guest assistance.

9. Be able to work and move about the entire property, inside and outside, in a safe and careful manner. This might involve excessive standing,
    walking, bending and stooping for shifts up to 12 hours in duration.

10. Be able to perform such duties as needed, such as sweeping, mopping, cooking, bussing tables, cleaning windows, shoveling snow, moving
    firewood, or cleaning, scraping, scrubbing, and wiping of utensils, appliances and kitchen equipment. These duties might require the use of
    assorted cleaning chemicals, compounds, and products.

11. Work in an environment where tobacco smoke, fumes, steam and other airborne particles are present.

12. Work in an environment where a microwave is located and in use.

13. Work in hot and cold temperature extremes subject to fluctuations for long periods of time.

14. Be able to handle, operate, control, work safely and carefully with and around extremely cold and hot food products, utensils, dinnerware,
    glassware, sharp and non-sharp utensils, appliances, ovens, floor buffers and any other of the various types of power equipment.

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1. Enter the Cracker Barrel environment willing to commit to lawful Company philosophies and be flexible in management style, adapting
    appropriately to changes as they occur.

2. Distinguish priorities and modify those priorities on short notice if circumstances warrant or as instructed, effectively handle crisis and
    appropriately adjust plans and activities to changes in circumstance.

3. Accept feedback in a positive manner and use it constructively.

4. Modify one’s own actions to effectively deal with differing personalities without compromising one’s own integrity.

5. Be available to work any hours and/or shifts that are necessary to enable Cracker Barrel to meet the required business demands and volume.
    This will include working holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.

6. Work at a pace consistent with the business volumes and demands that may dramatically change and fluctuate during the days, weeks, and

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1. Analyze and interpret data. Identify the critical elements, see relationships of data, and apply the proper solutions.

2. Understand each hourly job and the role of job skills role in the overall successful operation of the unit.

3. Realize one’s own limitations and know when to ask for direction, guidance, or help.

4. Anticipate the unexpected, e.g., a bus of Guests with special needs arrives during lunch rush.

5. Learn from mistakes and not repeat the same mistakes.

6. Strive to maximize and appropriately utilize all resources available, both human and physical, for effective operation of the unit.

7. Have moderate, practical, working math and number skills, including fractions, etc. to ensure accuracy.

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   Communication Skills

1. Be able to understand, use, and comprehend the English language, both written and verbal, that will promote effective two-way communication
    with employees, co-workers, and Guests.

2. Transmit verbal and written information and ideas in a timely manner clearly understandable to the receiver, adapting amount, style, and
    content to the needs of the receiver.

3. Listen when others speak and ascertain their message through verbal and non-verbal communication and respond in an appropriate manner.

4. Use appropriate communicative emphasis for leading and motivating individuals and large groups of employees.

5. Understand appropriate times to communicate, when to ask questions, and when to give instructions.

6. Periodically meet with management team and employees to share information about store goals, employee relations, and customer service.

7. Maintain high visibility in order to ensure availability and to evidence concern for employee and customer needs.

8. Regularly remind employees about daily and seasonal specials and area events.

9. Maintain an open line of communication with retail employees, store management, District Managers and Home Office.

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   Control and Follow Up

1. Use effective time management skills completing all necessary tasks on a timely basis.

2. Develop and implement a routine and system in shift management, check at regular intervals the points of control - shop and cashier - which
    directly affect guest service.

3. Regularly review the status of delegated tasks and projects establishing check points, benchmarks and deadlines.

4. Monitor employees’ performance against goals and predetermined measures of quality giving them adequate feedback on a timely basis.

5. Ensure that equipment is maintained; supervise cleaning and maintenance of equipment and arrange for repairs, contracts and other services
    through the General Manager.

6. Review sales and merchandise and labor costs to ensure efficient operation and that expenditures stay within budget limitations; take action to     correct any deviations from the budget.

7. Understand basic principles of display and ensure that Cracker Barrel visual merchandising standards are maintained on a consistent basis.

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1. Possess good and effective decision making skills.

2. Work independently with the appropriate amount of direction, guidance and supervision, take immediate action and be able to give rationale
    for action.

3. Initiate well-planned programs, making specific recommendations or solutions to problems, giving reasons for and desired results of the
    recommendations or solutions.

4. Consistently set a good example in work habits, disposition and attitude.

5. Display appropriate self-confidence and self-assurance.

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1. Maintain the highest personal ethical and professional standards and demand the same from staff, employees and purveyors.

2. Promote common trust among employees, staff and Guests.

3. Ensure accurate reporting in all matters.

4. Accept and promote the Cracker Barrel philosophies of quality and Guest satisfaction, adhering to Cracker Barrel standards of consistent,
    superior products and services.

5. Ensure conduct and behavior is consistent with Cracker Barrel policies, procedures and guidelines, as well as in accordance with federal, state
    and local law.

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1. Generate mutual respect and good rapport with supervisors, employees, management staff, and Guests.

2. Empathize with others and respond appropriately.

3. Interact effectively and work harmoniously and courteously with management, employees and Guests, not allowing differences in personality
    to interfere with a good working relationship.

4. Demonstrate a positive attitude toward employees and toward one’s work.

5. Project to others appropriate maturity and professionalism.

6. Always demonstrate an even temper, optimistic outlook, and ability to overcome frustrations and expect the same from staff.

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   Judgment/Decision Making

1. Possess decision-making skills necessary to effectively deal with a variety of situations and assess available information to be used in making
    logical decisions.

2. Possess flexibility in thinking and have the ability to apply new information appropriately; effectively use alternative courses of action when

3. Understand numbers and other math skills and deal easily with quantitative areas such as profit and loss statements.

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1. Maintain the appropriate balance of supervision, motivating others by example, and guiding staff and employees to be the best they can be.

2. Build effective, smooth functioning teams capable of achieving Company missions and goals, teams committed to Company philosophies.

3. Convey and be able to explain company aims and goals and the importance of doing things the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® way.

4. Develop employees and management staff to their maximum potential.

5. Maintain one’s own eagerness and enthusiasm during daily operation functions and peak performance demands.

6. Establish an atmosphere conducive to the exchange of ideas and expressions of opinions.

7. Know when to delegate and follow-up appropriately.

8. Direct hiring, training, motivation, evaluation and termination of retail personnel.

9. Organize and conduct meetings with management staff and employees.

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   Organizing and Planning

1. Establish active and effective courses of action to achieve specific goals, set priorities for the most efficient use of time and resources, and set
    specific checkpoints for feedback and progress reports.

2. Demonstrate an understanding of Cracker Barrel systems and methods of operation while working within the Company's organizational

3. Gather necessary information and materials to effectively complete tasks, utilizing available charts and checklists.

4. Estimate and maintain adequate merchandise and supply needs, order from company designated vendors, rotate inventory as specified by
    company guidelines, and receive and check orders.

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1. Accept accountability for one’s own actions and for the actions of those reporting directly to him/her.

2. Accept criticism and acknowledge mistakes without making excuses and be willing to learn from those mistakes.

3. Make rational decisions in crisis, if necessary, without direction from one’s supervisors. All decisions will be based on Cracker Barrel policies,
    procedures, and guidelines, consistent with applicable law.

4. Investigate and resolve merchandise and service complaints to the satisfaction of our Guests, where possible.

5. Regularly inspect shop and storage areas to ensure that health and safety regulations are adhered to at all times.

6. Develop local marketing strategy and implement, advertise, and promote Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® within Company guidelines.

7. Ensure that only top quality merchandise is sold; investigate and resolve any problems.

8. Electronically transmit accurate daily reports to the Home Office.

9. Be aware of trends in the local market and maintain an adequate inventory.

10. Promote outstanding salesmanship techniques in accordance with Cracker Barrel philosophy.

11. Be aware of the competition, i.e. what items, or type of items, are selling in local and regional markets.

12. Be able to learn and effectively use a pre-check machine, cash register, adding machine, computer equipment, telephone, pricing equipment,
    thermometers, thermostats, clocks, store intercom, etc.

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1. Take pride in and give 100% effort to the job, be willing to exceed the expected for customer satisfaction, and strive
    for excellence.

2. See the job through to completion, persisting in the face of obstacles.

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   Work Ethic/Sense of Urgency

1. Show a sense of urgency, persistence, and a work ethic consistent with Cracker Barrel expectations.

2. Pace yourself to the demands of the unit.

3. React competently to situations in a timely manner changing priorities relative to the situation.

4. Maintain a consistent high level of performance.

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