Mgmt Recruitment Compensation



   Cracker Barrel’s generous total management cash compensation package is derived from two sources—salary and bonus. It is this two-part package that places our Managers’ total average income above the industry average. Please note that a significant portion of this total compensation is derived from the Bonus Plan.

   Salary Determination

   Cracker Barrel Old Country Store makes every effort to ensure that its management salary is fair, consistent and competitive within the full-service restaurant industry. Several factors are considered when determining a manager's starting salary, including:

  • The candidate's work history
  • The amount of management and supervisory experience he/she has
  • His/her ability to relocate
  • The position's bonus potential
  • The candidate's interview performance

   Available Bonus Plans

    Restaurant: General and Associate Manager bonus plans are based on sales and profit performance. The store’s bonus pool increases as sales and profits exceed those of the prior year. There are also cost control goals (Labor and Food Costs) that allows the store’s management team to increase their bonus even further. The bonus pool is split among the management team. The General Manager receives 60% of the pool. The remaining 40% is distributed among the store’s Associate Managers at the General Manager’s discretion.

    Retail: The bonus plan rewards Retail Managers for sales and cost control performance with a focus on growing sales over the prior year. The bonus plan is heavily weighted toward retail sales performance as measured by Net Retail Sales. Participants can maximize their bonus potential by managing costs and contributing to the entire store’s (retail and restaurant) success.

    A detailed summary of the Restaurant and Retail Managers’ Bonus Plans is available from your Regional Recruiter. If you join our Company, you’ll receive more information about the Bonus Plans while in training.

   Salary Increases

   All Store Management salary reviews are conducted on a common annual review date. Salary increases are based on several factors, including individual and store performance, leadership, operations knowledge and hire date (first year only).
These policies do not create either an expressed or implied contract or promise. Cracker Barrel does not guarantee the terms or conditions
of employment.


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