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    Benefits Cracker Barrel provides a competitive benefits package for its management personnel. As a valued employee of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store®, you become eligible for a variety of benefits along with the Health Benefit Plan, once eligibility requirements are met.

   Your Benefits Include:

  •   Health Benefits
  •   Group Life Insurance
  •   Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  •    Reimbursement Accounts
  •    Disability
  •    401(k) Employee Savings Plan
  •    Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  •    Employee Purchase Discount Program
  •    Vacation
  •    Employee Meals
  •    Employee Assistance Program

       Health Benefits

        You pay contributions in pre-tax dollars through payroll deductions. Managers become eligible for group medical, dental, prescription and life coverage the month following or coinciding with their date of employment.

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       Group Life and Accidental Death &
       Dismemberment  Insurance

       Basic Life Insurance

       If you enroll in the Health Benefit Plan, you will be enrolled for group life insurance at no extra charge. Your life insurance coverage is equal to two (2) times your annual base salary for employees up to age 65. After age 65, the life insurance benefit is reduced based on the following schedule:

  • Age

    Percentage of Pre-age 65
    Life Insurance Amount:


       Dependent Life Insurance

        If you are enrolled in the Health Benefit Plan and elect family health coverage, your covered dependents are covered for life insurance in the amount of $3,000.

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       Accidental Death and Dismemberment

        If you die as a result of an accident and you are enrolled in the Health Benefits Plan, the Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Plan (for employees only) pays your beneficiary an amount equal to the amount of your Basic Life Coverage. AD&D benefits are also payable to you if you lose a limb or your sight. Actual benefits are based on the type of injury sustained.

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       Reimbursement Accounts

        Managers become eligible for reimbursement accounts on the first day of the month following or coinciding with their date of employment.
       1. Healthcare reimbursement account.
       2. Dependent care reimbursement account.

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        Cracker Barrel automatically provides you with Short Term Disability (salary continuation) and Long Term Disability Insurance Coverage at no cost to you. Coverage begins after 90 days of continuous employment. Enrollment in the Health Benefit Plan is not required. These benefits are provided to you if you are unable to work for extended periods of time due to an accident or sickness or as the result of a pregnancy.

       Coverage for salary continuation provides base salary compensation according to the following schedule:

      Years of Service
    Weeks at Full Pay
    Weeks at 60% Pay
     Less than 1 year
     1 to less than 2 years
     2 to less than 3 years
     3 to less than 4 years
     4 to less than 5 years
     5 to less than 6 years
     6 or more years

        After an employee has been disabled for 90 continuous day, he/she may be eligible for Long Term Disability benefits. If approved, Long Term Disability coverage provides a benefit of 60% of base pay until you return to work or possibly until age 65 if permanently disabled. Any Social Security or Workers' Compensation Benefits will offset salary continuation and Long Term Disability benefits.

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       401(k) Employee Savings Plan

        The 401(k) Employee Savings Plan is designed for long-term savings for retirement. It helps you set aside money for the future now through automatic payroll deductions. You will be eligible to participate in this benefit plan once you have met the following requirements.

    You must:
    • Be at least 21 years of age
    • Complete 90 days of continuous employment

        You may enroll on the first day of any pay period and you may elect to contribute 1% to 50% of base and bonus income to the plan. The money is contributed on a pre-tax basis and reduces the amount of Federal taxes you pay. The Company will contribute $.25 for every $1.00 you invest in this plan, up to 6% of your salary that you elect to defer. You will be given a choice of funds in which to invest your savings.

        If you participated in a qualified retirement plan with a previous employer, after you begin your employment, you may “roll over” the balance from that plan into Cracker Barrel’s 401(k) plan following IRS guidelines. Please contact New York Life Investment Management Company at
    1-800-294-3575 for more information on rollovers. You will not incur any early withdrawal penalties on the rolled over amount as long as the money goes directly from your former plan to the Cracker Barrel Plan.

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       Employee Stock Purchase Plan

        You may purchase Cracker Barrel stock through payroll deductions if you are at least twenty-one (21) years of age and have completed ninety (90) days of continuous employment with Cracker Barrel. The firm of Computershare administers this program. Information and enrollment forms may be obtained through the Benefits Department.

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       Employee Purchase Discount Program

        As a Cracker Barrel Manager, you’ll receive a 35% discount on purchases of retail and restaurant items.


    A.  After six months of continuous employment, you will earn one (1) week of paid vacation.
    B.  After one (1) year of employment, you will earn an additional week of paid vacation.
    C.  After two (2) years of employment, you will earn two (2) weeks of paid vacation.
    D.  After five (5) or more years of continuous employment, you will earn three (3) weeks of paid vacation.
    E.  After fifteen (15) years of continuous employment, you will earn four (4) weeks of paid vacation.

    NOTE: The two vacation weeks listed in “A” and “B” above must be used prior to your second anniversary or this vacation time will be forfeited.

    Direct any questions about the Benefits Plan information noted above to the Benefits Department at 888-596-7878. More information about the benefit programs will be provided to you, as you become eligible to participate in them.

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       Employee Meals

        Each Manager is allowed one (1) free meal during each shift worked. Coffee and tea are free to any Cracker Barrel employee on duty.

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       Employee Assistance Program

        The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counseling service that helps employees and their family members deal with problems at home or work. EAP also provides management consultation for managers who would like assistance dealing with employee, coworker or supervisor issues. EAP counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a toll-free 1-800 number.

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